Who am I?

I am a young Artist from France and I grew up in the romantic city of Paris. Where the people rush through life to their planned future and stop for only the extraordinary. My mother introduced me to the art world through her photography profession. And thanks to my family I got to travel the world and become a true nomad. It opened a doorway that made me have an open and free spirit. She inspired me to create and so I decided to go to art school, this transition to art was seamless since it felt natural to do so. I started in a Design high school, Auguste Renoir, which help me see the tools available to me. I knew I wanted to go to fine art, so I chose this modest preparatory school, Atelier de Sèvre in Paris. They helped me open doors to the academia in the Netherlands, the royal academy of art, KABK. I never believed I would find myself in the Hague but here I was, in a new city and culture. I became surrounded by a sea of new faces, faces that would fuel my art and expression. I met many artist-teachers, with their stories to tell, Arjen Bos was one of them at my school, truly a master of pottery, he introduced me to ceramics where I now find a deep love for.

When I first entered the school, I wanted to create and make something that will have people stop and experience a significant moment in time. I have now found that I have a true desire to show my world through art. I explore and create my opinions, conclusions, and answers, to questions that come up in my findings. And when I have found something that has made me pause I will show it to you through my eyes. You can say it is a surrealist approach to art. 

I have learned multiple disciplines since I believe the mediums I use are but tools at my disposal, and they all can offer me the process I am looking for. I feel that the Arts are like a metaphysical being, that once you have encountered it, you can never stop loving it. It comes from a deep part of myself, which can easily be identified now as the depth of my soul, the dark sub-conscious places that are within my psyche. I will dare to let myself fall into the abyss, and come out from the other side with new and wondrous artworks.